Preparing the Soil for New Horizons in Town Planning


If urban planning is the planting of crops in the process of developing towns and cities, then town planning would be the preparation of the soil. Like all enterprises of larger proportions, many hands make light work and working as a team achieves the required objectives. However, to prevent too many hands from spoiling the broth, there must be a defined coordinator mapping the way forward to ensure the project outcomes are achieved.


A sizable challenge facing most planners in South Africa today is that they frequently have to work with soil that has been tilled many times before with crops that have been planted in incorrect locations. Occasionally, they have to reconsider many factors and relocate allocated areas to ultimately achieve a successful yield.


Putting Town Planning into Perspective


To align the euphemism, town planners at The Practice Group have been solving similar problems since 1986. We have been redesigning, mapping and planning new horizons in an effort to correct the past, cater to the present and prepare for the future of urbanised spaces. We take on the roles of coordinators, negotiators and referees while realigning town and city landscapes and skylines to best promote the happiness of their populations.


We proudly solve problems associated with town planning and urbanisation by applying the latest, most innovative techniques, research and communication between many associated private and public organisations, including the local communities. Effective consultation with interested and affected parties is professionally negotiated with a specific focus on upgrading areas of urban decay and determining the use of new and available land.


Expanding Horizons with Visionary Concepts


While MapPractice, our professional electronic mapping and draughting bureau offers paperless town planning for necessary zoning, infrastructure, architecture and recourses, EnviroPractice, our additional subsidiary, considers the environmental impact new and improved developments might have on sensitive biospheres, local ecologies and native flora and fauna.


At The Practice Group, our team of dedicated professionals also negotiate sensible solutions for landowners, developers, private institutions and governmental organisations. We are involved in community-orientated projects such as arts and crafts projects, community access to public spaces, schools, relocations, land reform projects and others while keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. We investigate and report on the development potential of properties and advise on environmental requirements and time and cost implications as well as alternative development proposals.


Preparing for the Future through Positive Practice


We are committed to the Reconstruction and Development Programme of South Africa and our mission is to harness the combined skills, specialised knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical conduct of our enterprising, diverse group complement and members to provide our clients with a personal, professional and efficient service.


For expert advice, successful development and planning outcomes, consult with The Practice Group, award-winning leaders in town planning.


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