How to Get Development Success Using Town Planning Consultants

Any new residential or commercial project has its pitfalls, best avoided through proper development planning. You may still contemplate whether or not to use town planners right from the project concept stage but read on to gain insight about their role and how you benefit from their services.

Partnering with an experienced town planning consultancy firm for aspects such as due diligence, site planning, zoning applications and the likes, helps to improve the potential for land use application approvals and avoidance of costly pitfalls with new property developments.

Experienced in the area of development planning

Town planners are qualified and experienced in dealing with diverse land use management issues. They work with a wide range of projects including zoning applications, land consolidation and sub-division, sectional title, due diligence requests to determine whether properties are suitable for specific uses, and more.

They are also familiar with the procedures to follow regarding applications for each type of development. In addition, they already have a large network of professional contacts, ranging from land surveyors to architects, environmental consultants, and transfer attorneys. As professionals who regularly consult with local council officials, they are familiar with local council and government administrative procedures regarding property developments.

What is the role of town planners regarding development planning?

The town planners help to prepare applications, to submit the required documents to the local municipality or council and to ensure that required information is included. They understand the steps and procedures for applications related to the various applications and follow up after submission of documents.

Instead of you having to figure out who to speak to at the municipality, you can rely on the town planners to manage your application and become your contact point, also regarding communication with professionals such as environmental consultants and land surveyors. With such, the process is streamlined, giving you time to focus on core aspects regarding your project while they handle the application processes.

Their expertise when it comes to due diligence, handling objections from the public, and ensuring compliance with the requirements for site plans, helps you to save money and to expedite the project processes faster. Rather than having to deal with delays related to these aspects because you don’t have the right information at hand, make use of their services to ensure the project can go ahead. Any delays related to applications can increase your costs, which translates into lower profits.

They work alongside architects to ensure plans are in line with the relevant regulations for particular properties. The architects design the infrastructure, but the town planning consultants handle the application and approval processes.

Below is a summarised list of reasons to engage the services of town planning consultants. Use them because they:

  • Understand the processes to follow for development related applications.
  • Have experience in working with city planning divisions.
  • Already have extensive contact networks.
  • Can reduce your stress related to development projects.
  • Show you where to save costs, which pitfalls to avoid, and how to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Already know how the requirements and can provide suggestions for alternative routes to ensure project success.
  • Help you manage outcome expectations.
  • Appeal objections to your proposals.
  • Address public objections and concerns.
  • Help calculate costs.
  • Perform due diligence to ensure the selected property is suitable for your particular development vision.
  • Can identify problem areas and provide solutions.
  • Help you decide on the best way to use the available land to achieve your goals.

Before you appoint town planners for your specific project ask:

  • Have they handled similar projects in the past?
  • Do they have the resources to handle the particular size project?
  • Which services do they offer?
  • What is their costing model?

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