Why Development Planning is Important for Urban Communities

Development planning is the art of identifying priorities, resources and problems, and designing action plans to improve the current and future welfare of communities and the places they live. This includes formulating plans and then implementing, monitoring and evaluating them constantly. The importance of development planning for town planners in South Africa is to first overcome current and historic challenges to provide a better present and future for urbanised areas and communities living within them.

Challenges Facing Positive Development Planning

Urban migration has happened at an extraordinary pace in South Africa. This has promoted increases in unemployment, poverty, pollution, urban decay and crime. Equally, this has put an unprecedented strain on infrastructure, recourses and essential services in some areas of many towns and cities. Overpopulation and encroachment are threatening the availability of freshwater resources and it has occurred so quickly that environmental, human and socio-economic preservation and sustainability are becoming difficult to manage.

In some instances, land use is being compromised by incorrect or unlawful occupation. Moreover, rapid urbanisation has put healthcare services, justice systems and other public facilities, transport networks and road access and preservation under severe pressure. These and other challenges have brought effective urban development planning to the fore and several entities have stood up to meet the challenge.

Accustomed to Painting on Used Canvases

Local authorities, municipalities, city managers and community leaders have observed the negative effects of population explosions and urban sprawl. They have identified areas within their communities, districts and provinces where improvement is much needed and realise that efficient, professional development planning may be the solution. However, in many instances, they are at a loss for how to implement, plan or execute it effectively.

The progressive town planners at The Practice Group are harnessing the combined skills, specialised knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical conduct of our members to face these and many other development planning challenges. We provide solid, effective and comprehensive communications between communities, municipal authorities, public-private partnerships and other crucial parties involved in the successful upliftment of towns, urbanised areas and cities to face, resolve and build on current and historical town planning failures.

Effective development planning could introduce a safe and healthy lifestyle to your community, municipality or city. It can also:

  • Offer growth, opportunity and prosperity without lawlessness.
  • Create a healthy local economy by promoting employment opportunities.
  • Align essential services with community growth.
  • Provide sufficient water, electricity and infrastructure to service your community.
  • Improve the quality of life by preparing for floods, fire or other emergencies.

See the importance of development planning and consider consulting with award-winning urban planners, The Practice Group. We have the expertise and experience to accommodate and overcome any past or present challenges to build a brighter future for you and your community.