Investors, developers and overseas property developers interested in purchasing commercial property or wanting to buy agricultural land with the purpose of developing such into a residential estate, golf course, resort or retail centre benefit from our expertise in town planning and property due diligence investigations. We assist private and corporate clients with extensive property portfolios in the analysis of their property portfolios to determine which properties have development potential.

Where a client wants to develop a property for a specific purpose, there are zoning restrictions, environmental regulations and regulatory compliance factors to consider. This is where our assistance with due diligence investigations is exceptionally beneficial.

We conduct in-depth due diligence investigations to assess the compliance levels before the corporate client commits to the purchasing of the relevant property through an official offer to purchase agreement. This helps the client to make an informed decision and thus plan their development and investment portfolio accordingly.

Such due diligence investigations furthermore help to assess whether the specific property meets the development requirements of the client, which encumbrances exist and whether such can be removed. The investigations can be completed before the purchase or for properties already form part of the client’s property portfolio.

The relevant local authorities land development policies such as Spatial Development Frameworks, existing usage of the property, land surveys, improvement plans, notices pending, service contracts, servitudes, planned developments in immediate proximity of the property, possible public objections, current structures, water drainage, water supply, access routes and the title deed restrictions are reviewed.

Depending on the nature of the proposed development, due diligence investigations are often conducted in conjunction with other consultants such as engineers, attorneys, land surveyors, geotechnical engineers and environmental specialists such as wetland and fauna and flora specialists.

As experienced urban and town planning consultants, we follow the correct procedures to assist clients save money and ensure the best use of their investments. Other services we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Site planning
• Advocacy planning
• Environmental authorisation and water use licensing
• Development investigations and advice
• Project facilitation
• Urban renewal and design frameworks
• Town planning/land use management
• Urban development
• Strategic integrated spatial planning
• Subdivision and consolidation of land
• Mining rights and land use compliance
• Integrated land use and transportation planning
• Community projects

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