How Town Planners Help Property Developers in South Africa

You may be wondering why it is essential to work with experienced town planners for seemingly straightforward applications such as zoning, township establishment, a subdivision of land, and more? If you can approach the relevant town planning division of the municipality directly, why do you need professional help?

Discover the reasons as we answer several frequently asked questions received by town planning consultants. This will help you gain an understanding of how they can help you with the various land use applications in South Africa.

What is the Role of Town Planners?

Also referred to as urban and regional planners, they work with the government and municipalities in the development and execution of land use policies and the creation of frameworks for development to ensure organised and sustainable uses of the land to the social and economic benefit of communities. The modern approach to spatial planning and land use management has a strong focus on sustainable development to ensure future generations also benefit from the developments through responsible usage of environmental resources.

The town planning experts deal with aspects on a local level as well. These include planning and design to implementation and management of land use on a local or regional level. In addition, experienced town planners often provide planning and application assistance to developers and private property owners. They handle aspects such as due diligence of properties to determine viability for specific land uses, applications for property consolidation and subdivision, change of use applications, zoning, and more.

How Do Experienced Town Planners Help with Land Use Applications in South Africa?

An application must be submitted to the municipality to use a particular property for development, such as a resort, retail centre, fuel forecourt, school, sports stadium or estate. The forms for land use applications are available from your local municipality.

Understanding which forms to complete, how to complete them and how to prepare the necessary documentation to submit in support of applications is essential. Experienced town planners work with these almost daily and help the applicants through the process. They understand the processes and provide guidance to clients regarding documents to submit. In addition, they cooperate with various professionals with the likes of land surveyors, architects, transfer attorneys, environmental consultants and engineers in the preparation of the required documents, such as site plans, environmental impact studies, and more.

They advise clients regarding the time frame for approval of land use applications, prepare and submit the documents, assist with the public participation processes, respond to objections, and represent clients at public hearings, etc.

Land use applications for developments are complex. Experienced town planners help to avoid pitfalls and money wastage. They make sure the applications of clients are aligned with the requirements for the particular types of applications.

Why Do I Need the Help of Urban Planners if I Have Received Approval for a Specific Land Use Application?

Approvals are often subject to specific conditions being met. The urban planners help with the inspection of approvals to determine which conditions to meet, thereby helping to ensure compliance with the application conditions.

How Do I Know What the Zoning is for a Piece of Property?

The municipality’s urban planning division has the zoning information of each area. They will be able to tell you in which zone the property is located. If you want a zoning certificate for the property, make use of the services offered by our experienced town planners, who will apply for the certificate on your behalf. The certificate states the zoning for the property in question along with any applicable restrictions, such as allowable building height and density, etc.

How Do I Go About to Apply for New Land Use Rights or a Departure from the Zoning Scheme?

Make use of experienced town planners to apply for the rights or departure from the zoning scheme. It is a complicated process, which must be handled by professionals. See our range of completed projects to get an idea of how we can help you with applications for land use rights.

With Which Applications Can the Urban Planning Consultants Help?

They assist with applications ranging from consent of use, rezoning, and township establishment to farmland division, land consolidation, erf sub-division, and title deed restriction removal, etc. View the full range of services offered by The Practice Group here.

In Conclusion

Get in touch with our experienced town planners for answers to questions regarding land use, property development rights applications and zoning scheme departures.