How Do You Plan to Build a Resort?

You may own an agricultural piece of land and want to convert it into a holiday resort. Perhaps you want to build a golf resort or maybe a spa break away? In any instance, the planning part is essential. A rough draft of your concept may be sufficient to impress close friends or even investors, but you cannot plan to build a resort without help from town planning consultants, architects, land surveyors and related professionals.

To answer your question of “how do you plan to build a resort?”, let’s have a look at what the resort development master plan entails.

What Is the Master Plan?

It is the plan that provides guidance on all aspects of the project. Keep in mind that the developer is not concerned with the economic projections but focuses on the real estate development. In this regard, the project is like any other real estate development such as a retail centre, school, residential estate, or mixed-use hub. With that in mind, the master plan is what describes the project, the phases of development and the overall concept. It also includes information on how you plan to build a resort at a particular location. The plan provides a layout of the area for the proposed development.

What Should It Include?

Besides the information already mentioned, the project master plan should include the environmental impact analysis, the impact of the resort on the community and economic activities in the area, the impact on traffic and transportation, etc. It must include the timetables for completion of the project, as well as the time frame for proposed future development.

Resort Development Connects the Various Role Players

Role players range from investors to the resort company and the developers. Together, they build a resort that meets a specific demand, the demands of each of the parties involved, and the needs of the community.

Various Phases in Resort Development

Of course, you cannot just start to build a resort without a plan. It is a process, which involves several phases.

• The first entails the concept development, planning of the resort and initiating the process.
• The second phase entails the feasibility study to determine whether there is a demand for such a resort, whether it can work at the specific location, and whether it is economically viable. This also entails due diligence to determine if the necessary resources are available, what the impact of the resort will be on the environment, whether it can be done on the specific piece of land and more.
• The third phase entails committing to the building process. This entails contracts, appointment of the various parties involved in the construction process, and more.
• The fourth is focused on the design of the resort, the creation of the desired and feasible layout and the construction thereof.
• The final phase is about the managing and operating functions once the resort has been established.

During the concept phase, the owners, investors, agencies and other role players put forward ideas of what to include, how big the resort should be, who the target market is, and more. During this phase aspects such as the transportation system, type of accommodation, facilities to include, how waste removal will be done, staff accommodation, security and the likes are discussed.

During the feasibility phase, the economic viability of the project, legal constraints, safety regulations, land use management issues, physical properties of the land, environmental impact, and more are the focus. The physical features of the area where you want to build the resort, how these facilitate the establishment of a resort, and limitations that can hinder its development come under the spotlight. The advantages and disadvantages of the particular location are noted and alternative locations considered. It also includes the market analysis.

During the commitment phase, investments are secured, insurance obtained and contracts established. Project deadlines are set, etc. Development rights for the particular property must be gained, the land-use plan drafted, approvals obtained, etc.

Final Thoughts

From the outset of the article on “how do you plan to build a resort” it became apparent that the process can take years to complete. It is a complex process, best done with the help of town planners and related professionals, even during the concept development phase. Make use of the expertise offered by The Practice Group in this regard to bring it from concept to realisation.