Town planners offer an array of professional services to government institutions, municipalities, developers, and property owners alike, including advice regarding land consolidation, sub-division and rezoning. .

Where a developer needs to have land use zoning rights changed, such as the zoning allowing for live entertainment in a restaurant located within a residential area where no such right exist, then the developer makes use of town planning specialists such as The Practice Group to prepare and submit such an application where merit exists.

In another instance a developer may have acquired two or more adjacent properties, which the developer wants to have consolidated to create a site assembly for say a residential estate. Having the estate span over four properties comes with various legal pitfalls. As such, consolidation is needed and for this the land consolidation services offered by town planners become essential.

Consolidation of agricultural land is often required to create economically viable pieces of land for commercial farming practices. In other instances such site assemblies may be required for development of a recreational resort. The town planner may assist in procuring the authorization to do so.

Sub-division of land is basically the opposite of consolidation. In such an instance, two or more parcels of land are formed by further dividing a single portion of land. With sub-division and consolidation various factors requires to be considered including access to properties, registered servitudes, current and required zoning, any opposition to such consolidation or sub-division, and environmental factors.

Many factors may influence land development initiatives and it is therefore prudent to make use of town planners offering sub-division and land consolidation services to manage the application process. This may also involve using the services of land surveyors and related professionals such as conveyancers and engineers.

Municipalities generally look favourably upon sub-division of land in an urban area. This typically means that more properties can be accommodated in the same area without having to expand the city boundaries by encroaching into the surrounding agricultural land. When it comes to agricultural land, sub-division applications may be more complex with. Proper motivation is needed, as sub-division of farm land may lead to a situation of unsustainable farm practices thus reducing the economic farming viability of a particular property.

Town planners understand and keep up to date with laws regarding land use management, environmental management and related matters. Also, working with such projects on a daily basis helps planners to proactively identify possible problems, studies needed, compliance requirements and documents in support of requests such as sub-division or land consolidation.

A specific legal procedure for application must be followed to obtain the required approval and our town planners will assist to provide you with an estimated time frame of the application procedure and a fee proposal to attend to the process.