Revolutionising the Industry with Cutting-edge Mapping Solutions

From measuring the angle between the horizon and the sun with a sextant to gauge latitudinal positioning, to assessing the moon and stars to map direction and seasonal changes, mapping has been used by humans for millennia. They used these natural and man-made tools to measure their geographical location and weather patterns for agricultural purposes and more.

Cartography is the process of recording this collated information on maps. In modern history, the methodology of calculating distance, direction and angles between two points using vectors, measuring tools and physical and magnetic compasses to map regions remains the same as in past civilisations. However, with the aid of modern technology, pioneering city planning consultants like The Practice Group has revolutionised the industry with cutting-edge mapping solutions.


Why Use World-Class Technology for Modern Mapping Solutions?

Since people, individuals, government departments and private companies will always need two-dimensional, printed maps for various reasons, there will always be a purpose for them. Town planning companies still use them to demarcate regions, zones, infrastructure, utility services and more for historical documentation, and present and future developments.

Whether it is locating a particular room or area inside a building, improving or developing a town or city, demarcating agricultural areas or ensuring the safety of the surrounding eco-systems and the environment, The Practice Group uses innovative programs, creative devices and specifically designed software technology to evolve these standard maps into 3D and interactive images serving to replace the traditional paper mapping techniques, although they are still available in printed format.

We offer mapping solutions to allow our award-winning team and customers to relate, compute, correlate and communicate internally or as groups. Using today’s technology to successfully plan and map out the future while finding solutions to unexpected challenges before they occur, can save time and money.

5 Benefits of Using Technology for Electronic Mapping Services

At The Practice Group, we have developed and continue to modernise and revolutionise our geospatial strategies and workflows while remaining an effective, cost-efficient leader in the spatial planning industry.
Our software enables us to assist our clients with:

  • Accurately collating capturing, integrating and documenting data and services.
  • Effectively and securely centralising, managing and sharing information with all participants involved, individually or simultaneously.
  • Using automation and other advanced techniques to efficiently produce multi-resolution data and information.
  • Detecting problems in the planning stages and offering solutions to these challenges.
  • Seamlessly sharing, collaborating and enabling our clients to make better-informed decisions on projects and developments.
  • Whether you represent a private company, municipality, region, town or city and need innovative electronic mapping and town planning services, contact our team at The Practice Group. We harness our combined skills, specialised knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical conduct to deliver expert advice, exceptional service and successful planning and development outcomes every time.