What Town Planning Consultants Include in Site Development Plans

Site planning is an extensive operation, which is handled by town planners in collaboration with the developers, engineers, architects, project managers, land surveyors and related professionals.

What is a site plan?

It is a set of professional drawings that gives a graphical depiction of a proposed development of a specific piece of land. These drawings show the proposed arrangement of elements on the property and are drawn to scale.

Elements that are typically depicted range from building structures and site layout to access points etc. These plans are also used as part of land rezoning applications and for approval of developments at a relevant municipal office. Every municipality in South Africa has specific requirements. Therefore, it is best to work with town planners that have a national footprint and can help with applications across South Africa.

Regardless of whether the site planning is for a residential estate, a retail complex, fuel forecourt or resort, it is imperative that the plans indicate specific elements. We take a closer look at some of the essentials, which town planning consultants include in such site plans.

When are site planning documents required by the municipality?

The detailed site plans for a proposed development of a property are typically required for group housing schemes, industrial parks, business parks, retail centres, developments in conservation areas, and any major developments, such as holiday resorts that can have an impact on public spaces.

Precision indication of property lines

Property lines show the boundary of the piece of land. This is essential as an encroachment on the neighbouring property can mean having to break down structures and paying for damages. If the site planning documents don’t include the exact property lines, you can expect the application to be rejected.

Indicate the distance between the property and building lines

The building lines indicate up to where structures can be erected. The property lines are indicative of the property borders. It is essential to indicate the distance of the proposed structures from the property lines. You also need to include structure heights, building purpose, etc. The plan must be clear enough to show fire hazards and usage of the area (according to the zoning rights for the piece of land).

How the property looks at present and the proposed changes in conditions

The planning officials must be able to see how you propose to change the current conditions of the property. In this regard, you must show pipelines, utility service lines, fences, and more as this will also be used to determine if officials must be present during the building of a specific structure on the property.

Easing of property lines

It is possible that you will need to install a pipeline over part of an adjacent property. For this you will need to apply for an easement. This is needed at any time when you need to have some restriction relaxed in order to maintain an essential component of your proposed development. If, at any stage you will need to go over the building or property lines, you will require an easement. This must also be indicated as part of the site planning documents. The easement can be indicated via a graphical element or by means of text, but if it exists, it must form part of the site plan.

How does the surrounding environment look?

The site development takes place within a larger area. To this extent, you must show surrounding streets, intersections, main roads, and more. The information is needed to show how the proposed development will affect the area around the property.

Landscape elements

Although landscaping does improve the overall look and feel of a property, your development may very well be in an eco-sensitive area. In this regard, the landscaping will have to be of such a nature that it will have a positive effect or minimal impact on the ecosystem of the area. Elements to also include range from erosion to measures for keeping soil back, such as retainer walls. The site planning documents must show the current vegetation and landscape, as well as the proposed landscape.

These are only some of the important elements that town planners include in site planning documents and applications. Work with the best town planners to ensure your development proposal application includes the necessary information. Get in touch with The Practice Group for more information.