Experienced Town Planners in Pretoria: Our Comprehensive Range of Services

As leading and award-winning town planners in Pretoria, we offer an extensive range of services to meet the needs of developers, municipalities, property owners, property investors, and architects alike. Our service portfolio extends beyond what you would normally expect from town planners in Pretoria because we have a national footprint and a large team of experts in their various fields. This makes it possible for us to deliver a comprehensive service offering, as listed below:

• Strategic and integrated spatial planning
• Urban development planning
• Town planning and land use management
• Development investigations and advice
• Property portfolio analysis and due diligence
• Acquisition of land use rights and zoning applications
• Resort and eco-tourism planning
• Site planning
• Community projects
• Advocacy planning
• Project facilitation
• Sport centres and golf courses
• Sub-division and land consolidation
• Electronic mapping and draughting
• Integrated land use and transportation planning
• Urban renewal and design frameworks
• Environmental authorisation and water use licensing

With our town planners in Pretoria, we are centrally located to provide town planning services throughout Gauteng. However, our footprint extends far beyond Gauteng as can be seen from our comprehensive range of completed projects. Each of the services listed herein can be viewed at our website. For the purpose of a short introduction, let’s consider some of the services.

Strategic and Integrated Spatial Planning

Our town planners in Pretoria assist local, metropolitan, and provincial authorities in the development of guidelines regarding spatial planning, with due consideration being given to various factors. These factors range from socio-economic to environmental and transport matters, and we work to ensure that urban growth occurs in a sustainable way.

Town Planning and Land Use Management

Our town planners in Pretoria assist municipalities in the development, changes, and improvement of town planning schemes and related regulations regarding aspects relevant to land use and zoning.

Sub-division and Land Consolidation

We handle the applications for sub-division and land consolidation on behalf of our clients. A client may, for instance, have a large urban stand and may want to sub-divide the property to form two or more plots for the purpose of selling the two vacant parts. We assess the viability, review the zoning regulations, title deed restrictions, and draught the necessary documentation. With land sub-division or consolidation, we work with other professionals, ranging from architects to land surveyors.

Resort and Eco-tourism Planning

We assist clients in the due diligence of properties to determine suitability for private or public resorts or eco-tourism facilities. This service includes an environmental assessment of the property. We also provide proposals for alternative land uses where relevant, help with township planning and establishment if needed, do the zoning applications, get the required permissions, and handle the public participation processes, among many other services related to resort and eco-tourism planning.

Electronic Mapping and Draughting

Site plans, geographical maps, and more form part of zoning applications, land use management planning, due diligence processes and license applications, to name only a few. Our team of town planners in Pretoria also performs electronic mapping and draughting services to support the applications and services offered.

Sport Centres and Golf Courses

We perform due diligence, land use planning, coordination of projects, land proclaiming services, and more for sporting codes and developers of, for instance, golf courses or golf estates and sport centres.

Project Facilitation

Small and large projects regarding aspects such as sub-division, land consolidation, resort planning, zoning changes, sport centre development, and more require public participation. Part of our services as town planners in Pretoria entails the facilitation of projects with the inclusion of public participation management. Our project facilitation services ensure that the processes are completed within reasonable time frames and with minimum delays.

Site Planning

We prepare site plans in cooperation with various professionals for submission to the relevant parties as part of development proposal processes.

Urban Renewal and Design Frameworks

We conduct research and apply the appropriate town planning methods to help with the upgrade of areas within the urban context. This is done in collaboration with other professionals and the relevant stakeholders.

Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning

We assist in the planning of transport infrastructure, the review of existing infrastructure, and the upgrading of infrastructure through professional planning, mapping, and due diligence services in collaboration with the relevant professionals.

Regardless of the size of your development project, you can rely on our team of town planners in Pretoria for professional guidance, help with proposals, designs, mapping, and project facilitation.