What is the Role of Town Planners?

Referred to as urban planning consultants, city planners, urban designers and town planning consultants, town planners play an important role in the design, layout, development, and organisation of city areas.

Experienced Town Planners - The Practice Group

Experienced Town Planners – The Practice Group

They’re responsible for ensuring the best possible organisation of available land to strike a balance between the needs of the communities and the use of available resources and land. They must consider economic growth activities, social well-being requirements, available resources, the characteristics of the land, and sustainability in their planning processes.

Town planners work alongside other professionals like city engineers, architects, environmental consultants, mapping specialists, and land surveyors with town planning, as well as individual, development projects. They work in the private and public sectors. Some of their roles and services include:

  • Developing urban and regional planning policies with consideration of the history of the area, climate, sustainability, transportation, economic activities, and the well-being of the communities.
  • Helping with the design and implementation of policies, plans and strategies related to traffic flow management, transport infrastructure creation, routes, pedestrian and cycle areas, railroads, bus and other vehicle routes.
  • Assisting in the planning and management of areas to ensure safety, aesthetic appeal, and functionality for the communities.
  • Developing plans and helping with the implementation thereof to restore, revive and renew run-down parts of an urban landscape.
  • Creating a balance between the needs of the communities, economic growth, and the environmental impact of such activities.
  • Assisting developers with due diligence, site maps, zoning applications, land consolidation or division.
  • Helping with the development of historic site management documents.
  • Submitting project plans, handling the appeals, and helping clients get their applications for land use and
    development approvals.
  • Why Town Planners Play an Integral Role in Development Planning

    The land surveyor, architect, and engineer, each has their roles and only guides the client within the framework of their knowledge field. Town planners work with the overall picture. They work alongside these professionals to find the best solutions for their clients. With their connection with the professionals, also in the city council, they form an important link when it comes to new developments.

    They understand the engineering challenges, environmental concerns, architectural issues, and zoning restrictions. They can be considered the bridge between all the professionals and the city council division as well. They assist in turning a concept into reality. In addition, they advise regarding the feasibility of a development on a particular piece of land, assist with development-related applications, and manage the process of getting public buy-in on a project.

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