Why Developers Need the Services of Experienced Town Planning Consultants

Town planning companies provide expert services related to development planning. The town planners coordinate the land use processes, and act as intermediaries with the local council, whereby they represent the interests of their clients. With town planning companies handling the zoning and permission applications on behalf of clients, they save their clients time, frustration, and money.

The town planning companies, such as The Practice Group, can thus assist with your development project in the following ways:

Provide advice during the project’s design phase

We will review and comment on the development plans on aspects such as compliance with local council and statutory regulations. If you involve us from early on, our team of town planners will be able to help you save costs related to plan redrawing and the application process.

Draft the application for development

As one of the experienced town planning companies in South Africa, we already know which pitfalls to avoid and how to write the application to meet the city council’s expectations. As such, we will submit all the required documents with the application, and thereby prevent delays in the approval of the development.

Act as intermediary between you and the council

No doubt, you can expect some objections from the public and the town council. We are here to assist with the correspondence to the council, and provide any additional information that the council may request. Our town planners will draft the required responses and give advice to the architects on redrafting of designs to meet the requirements. Where members of the public object to the development, you can rely on our consultants to draft the required responses and to address objections at mediation meetings.

As one of the leading town planning companies in the country, we have extensive experience in representing clients at mediation meetings. Our team is well versed in the relevant legislation and can therefore help you to meet regulatory requirements right from the start.

Why Choose Us?

We are able to handle any sized project, whether you are planning a residential estate, retail centre, resort, or mixed-use node. Our town planners work with small and large development applications daily. They know and understand the legislative requirements and work closely with professionals, such as architects and surveyors.

We have an impressive portfolio of completed town planning projects. In addition, we take the time to understand the needs of our clients.