Why Use Town Planning Consultants for Development Applications?

You can submit applications for property subdivision, consent of use, land consolidation, and related applications directly to the relevant division of the municipality. However, unless you are familiar with the application process and the land use requirements for the particular development, you risk the application being rejected. Rather get professional help from experienced town planning consultants when you want to make alterations to a property, such as building a recreational facility on land not yet zoned for it.

Waiting until your application has been rejected is too late. The time and effort put into the application process equal money lost. Below are the top reasons to engage town planning consultants with projects including land consolidation, property subdivision and zoning applications, site planning, and due diligence inspections when you want to invest in property.

Town Planning Consultants are Qualified and Experienced

They have undergone professional training to deal with all aspects of urban planning and land use management. Whereas your area of expertise may be in property investment or building, they are qualified in handling the details of urban design and land use.

As professionals in the industry, they practice their skills daily and are familiar with the application processes. They can provide you with expert guidance regarding the best route to follow in meeting application requirements. What may be stressful for you is an everyday task for them. Rather than getting caught up in the complexities of town planning related matters, you can focus on your business or project and have professional consultants follow the most efficient path to have your application submitted and approved.

Extensive Professional Network

Town planning consultants handle numerous applications daily. This implies regular contact with the relevant officials in the municipality. They understand the terminology and how the processes work. Regular contact with the officials also implies building trust and professional relationships with the officials working with land use management.

If you don’t know who to contact regarding a specific application, you can end up being referred from one division to another. Consultants already know who to contact, what to submit, and where to do so.
You have not yet established a personal relationship with the relevant department. This means you are simply a number for them. However, the town planning consultants are known to the relevant officials at the municipality. As such, they are in a better position to ensure your application does receive attention.

The town planning consultants already network with related professionals such as land surveyors, civil engineers, and architects. Getting a professional opinion from one of these professionals is thus easier and quicker for them. They collaborate on projects with relevant professionals such as the ones mentioned. By making use of the consultants, you save time in finding information and professional opinions on your projects.

Getting the Documents in Order

Any application for land use changes entails a lot of paperwork. If you are unfamiliar with the requirements and processes, it can take ages to collect the relevant information. Mistakes on applications are among the main reasons why applications to the town planning divisions of municipalities are rejected. The consultants collect relevant documents and information. They complete the paperwork, handle the submissions, do the follow-ups, and keep you up to date regarding fees payable. Let them handle the burden rather than ending up with a failed application several months down the road.

Save Money

The cost of using the consultants right from the design phase of development is recouped in the time savings in meeting the policy and process requirements. Rather than being in a disposition with the town planning division at the local municipality because of the failure to submit the right information, ensure success with the help of the consultants. They keep up to date with legislative changes, amendments to the by-laws, and the processes required for specific applications. They provide you with expert guidance from the start.

They provide detailed information and reports in support of development proposals in line with the requirements for the particular land use management schemes. The consultants use the correct terminology in their reports and applications. The quality of their reporting thus improves the probability of a favourable outcome for your application.

In Conclusion

Save money and reduce frustration. Call on our town planning consultants to help you with applications for zoning, consent of use, the subdivision of property, and related matters.