As town planning consultants we have the functions of gathering and assessing information pertaining to a specific property. Based on such information, we advise the property owner regarding zoning, development and related information. We furthermore assist with following of the correct procedures to apply for rezoning, registration of servitudes, lifting of building restrictions, and more.

As part of the process of procuring the relevant information for land use applications, our town planning consultants work closely with professionals such as land surveyors, engineers, architects, environmental consultants and conveyancers.

Many of the terms normally encountered with the procurement of development rights can be confusing. Below we briefly explain some of the common terms used in the industry.

Township Establishment

It refers to a process whereby agricultural land is converted into erven earmarked for inter alia residential, commercial and industrial use. Access roads form an integral part of township establishment.


The term refers to the process whereby a Town Planning Scheme is amended in respect of the use of rights of an erf. Such amendments may include the removal of restrictive conditions contained in the title deed of a property which relate to usage, development and the like.

Subdivision and Consolidation

Subdivision is the process of dividing a portion of property into more than one portion. The process may be relatively straightforward, but factors such as access to the various properties must be taken into account, in addition to density restrictions, water access and more.

Consolidation is the process of consolidating portions of land which is normally less complicated than that of the subdivision of land.

Restrictive Conditions

The Title Deed of property may stipulate restrictive conditions, such as the materials to be used for development thereon and the usage and density of development.

Servitudes often encumber the development of land and may have to be dealt with in a similar manner.