6 Reasons You Should Seek Town Planning Help with Your Project

Waiting until after your development application has been rejected is too late to call in the experts. Town planning consultants help you save time, money and frustration when you plan major building renovations, subdivision of property, or a new development. Here are six alpha reasons why you should make use of their services right from the start:

1. Qualifications, expertise and experience

Town planners are qualified in urban and regional planning. They have studied several years within this field, which already gives them the know-how advantage. They keep current with legislative changes in land use management, spatial planning and zoning regulations.

In addition, these professionals keep current with best practices, changes in approaches to urban planning, and the procedures for submission of zoning applications, development proposals and site plans. Their teams work alongside other professionals like land surveyors, civil engineers, architects, geologists, environmental consultants, attorneys, and project managers.

They build a vast network of contacts and develop their knowledge across related fields. In addition, they work with sub-divisions, land consolidations, mapping, public advocacy, site plans and due diligence requests on a daily basis.

Armed with the necessary qualifications, expertise, network of contacts and experience, they have the knowledge and commitment to help you avoid costly application pitfalls, property investment mistakes, and application procedure errors that could lead to rejection of your development proposals.

2. Professional relationships

Have you ever tried to obtain information from the city council for something seemingly straightforward, such as consent of use rights? You most probably had to speak to several officials at the municipality. You may also have received a bunch of documents to complete, of which very little made sense.

Any type of zoning application, even getting permission for relaxing of building lines, and a sub-division application can become a complex process. Not knowing where to start, who to approach and which supportive documents to submit can leave you frustrated. Add to the nightmare, having to find a land surveyor, speaking to project managers and coordinating between the city council and these professionals take up valuable time.

Town planning consultants have already established professional relationships with city council officials, land surveyors, architects, project managers, environmental consultants, and conveyancing attorneys. This enables them to expedite projects, obtain information and gain insight as to possible objections or pitfalls. They know when the best time is to submit applications, to whom these applications should be addressed, how and when to follow up, and which procedures to follow throughout application processes.

3. Negotiation, presentation and public participation processes

At one or another stage of the application process, you will have to deal with objections, will have to negotiate on aspects, and address public concerns. Unless you do so often and are used to the procedures, it can be a complex and often time-consuming process.

To avoid delays related to objections and dead ends on negotiations, it’s best to have the professionals deal with the relevant processes. This will allow you the freedom to focus on investor relations and getting project teams in place while they handle the tedious and complex negotiation and public participation processes.

They’re not emotionally vested in the project, which enables them to present your project or application in an objective, scientifically grounded and procedural correct way.

4. Red tape and paperwork

For the layperson, knowing how to complete the forms, which ones to request, in which order to submit and which fees to pay can be a confusing matter. Town planning consultants have the expertise to complete the paperwork and supporting documents, advise you on payments due, submit the relevant fees at the right time and follow up on outstanding documents. Your time doesn’t have to be spent on red tape and paperwork. Let the professionals take care of these matters.

5. Save money

It’s far more complicated and expensive to have a rejection of an application overturned than to engage town planners from the start. With their expertise, they make sure site plans, proposals, procedures and regulations are followed, minimising the risk of project failure due to incorrect procedures or non-compliance with building codes, environmental laws, land use or zoning regulations.

6. Quality control and audit trail

You don’t save money by taking shortcuts. These have a way to catch up to your project at one or another stage. Town planning consultants are meticulous. This attention to detail and quality reporting also gives you an audit trail for your project.

Key takeaway

Town planning consultants help you to save time, money and effort whether for a residential, commercial or industrial development project. Reach out for more information about the range of services available.