Services offered by Town Planning Specialists in South Africa

As experienced town planning specialists in South Africa, we have an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects. These range from residential townships to shopping malls, sports stadia and more.

We introduce part of the range of services we offer below, giving you an indication of our expertise level and how we can help your firm with development projects. As town planning specialists, we also offer an extensive range of services to municipalities across South Africa.

Urban development planning

Organised development of human settlement areas is important to ensure the affected communities can have access to essential services, workplaces, education facilities, and recreational activities. Our urban design specialists work with municipalities, stakeholders including the affected communities, and other professionals to plan, design and proclamation of township establishments. This also includes the planning and installation of the infrastructure required, such as stormwater drainage systems, roads, public transport, and more.

Urban renewal and design frameworks

Rapid urbanisation, as experienced in many areas of South Africa, comes with unique challenges. Lack of formal housing leads to sporadic development of informal settlements on the banks of water sources, next to highways and often in the middle of already well-developed residential areas. More often than not, these settlements lack the very basics for hygienic living, including easily accessible potable water, energy, roads, and waste disposal services. These conditions create high risk situations for the outbreak of disease, increase in crime, fires, and flooding.

To address these challenges, frameworks for urban renewal and design must be developed. Our town planning specialists conduct the necessary research and implement contemporary planning methods to upgrade areas that have decayed, are overpopulated and under-serviced, and more. Our urban design specialists and consultants communicate with the affected communities, work alongside other professionals and advise the municipal policymakers regarding sustainable urban design solutions.

View our portfolio in terms of urban renewal and design frameworks, which includes the City of Tshwane Design Framework and Bela-Bela CBD Regeneration Strategy among others.

Site planning services

Property developers and investors benefit from the consultancy services offered by our town planning specialists in planning sites. Our consultants prepare site development plans in collaboration with professionals, such as land surveyors, architects, environmental consultants, and engineers. We also submit relevant site plans to the municipality on behalf of the client for applications ranging from re-zoning to sub-division, land consolidation, and land use management. Where a client, for instance, wants to develop a retail centre on a particular piece of land, the client must submit a site plan for approval from the municipality. Our town planning specialists handle the process on behalf of the client. See some of the projects in which we have been involved here.

Sports Stadia and golf courses

Whether the client wants to develop a golf estate or a sports centre, specific zoning regulations apply. In addition, certain services must be installed. The property must be appropriate for the particular use. Aspects ranging from accessibility to areas reserved for utility lines must be identified. Site plans must be developed, due diligence performed, public participation facilitated, and more. Our town planning specialists have extensive experience in the planning and proclamation of land specifically for golf courses, golf estates, and sports centres. View our portfolio of completed projects in this respect.

Project facilitation

Unduly delay of development projects causes financial losses for the stakeholders. To prevent such situations, clients make use of our expertise offered in terms of project management. We also facilitate public participation to prevent project delays. View examples of our project facilitation here.

Development investigations

Theoretically, a piece of land can be used for a resort, but is the land suitable for the application? What about a piece of property for the construction of a fuel forecourt? Many aspects must be taken into consideration, ranging from protected plant species on the property to zoning. Our town planning specialists investigate the suitability of a property for the particular type of development or use that the client has in mind. We also advise the client on aspects ranging from the environmental regulations to the land use application procedures, and the potential cost of an alternative development on the property. Here is a list of clients for whom we have conducted due diligence investigations.

In conclusion

These are only a few of the services offered by our town planning specialists. Get in touch to discuss your particular development and land use application needs.