Township Planning South Africa

The Range of Services Offered by Township Planning Experts in South Africa

The Practice Group offers developers, municipalities and property owners our expertise in township planning in South Africa. Our wide range of expertise – ranging from financial planning, involvement in government agencies and township planning – benefits client companies since town planning in South Africa is a complex process requiring expertise from multiple disciplines. Some of our services are briefly introduced below.

Strategic & Integrated Development Planning

We formulate guidelines for the strategic and integrated development of the planning area on behalf of and in collaboration with local, metropolitan and provincial authorities. This includes determining the nature, amount and arrangement of land uses.

Urban Renewal & Design Frameworks

We help to solve urbanisation problems through research of contemporary planning methods for upgrading of urban areas.

Town Planning and Land Use Management

We prepare and review statutory land use management schemes or other regulatory mechanisms for zoning, control, and management of land uses on behalf of local municipalities.

Urban Development

This entails the planning of new towns and urban areas for various income groups in close collaboration with the affected communities.

Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning

We are actively involved in the planning of transport infrastructure, including airports, new roads and railroads, as well as the planning to upgrade such infrastructure. This is done in close collaboration with transportation engineers.

Acquisition of Land Use Rights and Rezoning

We apply for and attain new or amended land use rights by applying for rezoning and permission according to the current legislation and regulations of the specific local authority and province in South Africa.

Subdivision and Consolidation of Land

Our team applies for the subdivision or consolidation of land on behalf of the client, for example, where the client wants to subdivide a piece of farmland for the purpose of selling part of the land.

Advice and Development Investigations

Our team looks at the development potential of specific properties on behalf of clients and provides the clients with advice regarding the town planning procedures as relevant to South Arica. Aspects such as environmental impact, feasibility and market value are discussed with the clients and implications regarding time and costs are investigated. We provide the clients with development proposals which include alternatives to their initial concepts.

Property Portfolio Analysis

The Practice Group analyses the property portfolios of corporate clients regarding development restrictions and potential, tax minimisation, and zoning tailored for the particular developmental needs.

Site Planning

We draft a site development plan in collaboration with other professionals for the implementation of the client development proposal.

Resort & Eco-Tourism Planning

We provide full resort and eco-tourism planning services, ranging from environmental assessments to development potential of specific properties with consideration of land usage rights and rezoning requirements. This includes the design and layout of resorts, assistance with the process of land use rights applications, and compliance with various regulations.

Advocacy Planning

We represent the client’s interests at town planning or appeal hearings where members of the public bring objections to the table regarding the proposed development of the client.

Other services include project facilitation, electronic mapping & draughting, community projects and environmental authorisation.

Whether you want to develop a holiday resort, require assistance in township establishment or guidance regarding subdivision, your firm can rely on the town planning expertise of The Practice Group in South Africa.