Practice Makes for Perfect Urban Planning


Urban planning in modern-day South Africa is the artistic ability to create urban areas that are individually separate yet unite into an aesthetically pleasing flow of architecture, cultural diversity, and intelligent use of allocated land; often putting a new brush to an already-painted canvas.


With almost 70% of our population now residing in towns, cities and other urbanised regions, town planners at The Practice Group are dedicated to developing spaces that people may admire, enjoy and remould to suit existing and future needs.


Visionary Pioneers of Urban Planning


To remain leaders in our field, we at The Practice Group assist clients by using our unique and visionary concepts for today and the future, applying new urban planning and designs while learning from the pioneers who influence our industry’s methodology and thinking:


  1. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect who was a founding father of the modernist movement. An artist, builder, writer and city planner, he designed the Villa Savoye in the 1920s, establishing a style that influenced architecture and urban design. His planning theories were realised when his ideas were duplicated in building a productive, effective and efficient city in Chandigarh, India.


  1. Jenette Sadik-Khan is a leading voice in policies regarding inner-city transportation. Her designs in transformative planning and rapid implementation of urbanisation strategies for New York City streets gained her international acclaim. She is credited with the development of the first parking-protected bike paths in North America. Additionally, she is responsible for adding a network of almost 650 km of bike lanes in the city and is renowned for putting more than 60 plazas in motion within it.


  1. Jan Gehl is a world-renowned Danish architect who creates “cities for the people.” He believes that urban planning should create surroundings, suburbs and spaces that promote healthy living and inspire individuals to be more environmentally conscious. For almost 50 years, Gehl has improved the quality of life for millions across the globe, emphasising “liveable cities” in his designs where the facilities and infrastructure offer the populace a safer, healthier environment that best serves the needs of the people.


For the successful and sustainable reconstruction, integration and redevelopment of South African towns, cities and urbanised areas, change is not only unavoidable but also inevitable.


Our specialised town planners at The Practice Group create forward-thinking, innovative solutions. Harnessing our combined skills, specialised knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, ethical conduct, and lessons learned from pioneers in our industry, we make urbanised spaces better, more economical and accessible to their populations while promoting environmentally friendly surroundings where people may develop and grow with improved living standards and quality of life.


For expert advice and award-winning planning and development outcomes, consult with The Practice Group, leaders in urban planning.