Town Planners and Town Planning in South Africa

From potential challenges like climate change and biodiversity factors to previous political boundaries, cultural and religious considerations, and overpopulation in urban areas, town planners in South Africa have much to overcome.

Additional factors such as rapid urbanisation, unemployment, poverty, traffic congestion, unplanned development, and the proliferation of informal settlements add to the list of concerns. This tenuous situation is clearly not sustainable. Consequently, urban developers in this country will have to look to the future while they map out new areas in existing cities and create new infrastructure to house the population.

Urban Developers Overcome the Challenges

In first-world countries, cities have already adopted the concepts of sustainable vertical living to maximise further development in urban environments. In South Africa, town planners are overseeing current projects and developing programmes for urban renewal and future initiatives through the intelligent use of land and spatial development planning.

The profession has been instrumental in equalising spatial and other imbalances in urban and rural areas. Town planners promote equality and stimulate sustainability through planning, implementation and management of public interventions in the development of land use while in the constant pursuit of viable alternatives to current urbanised settlements.

Concerning the Growing Urban Population

As urban populations in South Africa continue to expand, a significant strain is put upon those that live in growing cities. Unexpected or unplanned rapid growth in population puts undue pressure on recourses and infrastructure. Access to clean drinking water, continuous power supply and food become justifiable concerns. Without intelligent town planning, the strain on these resources will greatly impact the quality of life in urban areas.

What is the Weather Forecast for Town Planning?

Recent weather events across the country have enhanced the awareness of climate change and the associated effects it has on various regions of our country. These extreme weather events that have been escalating for the last few decades have jeopardised existing and new urban developments.

To combat the risk of natural disasters such as extreme flooding and subsequent ground erosion and increased levels of wind, heat and rain, town planners must be more inventive with their planning. Coupled with innovative inner-city developments and other new initiatives, urban planners are working tirelessly at finding solutions for water dispersion and collection. Additionally, new plans are being investigated to relocate individuals from wetlands and seasonal flood zones.

Find Exemplary Town Planners in South Africa

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