How is Progressive Town Planning Empowering Urban Land Development?

Town planning is a profession that is responsible for the design and development of urban areas and the surrounding rural communities that serve them. The vocation also calls for ensuring that there is a balance of the demands on the developing land, surrounding ecosystems and the environment, and the needs of the population and neighbouring communities.

With urban migration growing exponentially year-on-year in South Africa, the face of urbanised areas is changing rapidly without appropriate town planning. If left ignored, this tenuous situation will become increasingly untenable and unsustainable. These factors pose great challenges for urban planners.

Town Planning Specialists

Our award-winning urban and rural developers at The Practice Group explain why these phenomena are unfeasible and how we can assist in empowering urban land development.

Why is Progressive Town Planning Essential in South Africa?

Planners are involved in making both short and long-term decisions about the organisation and sustainable development of areas, zones and sites in towns, cities and the surrounding countryside. With almost 70% of the country’s population living in cities and urbanised communities, a lack of expert land development could have devastating effects on residents and the surrounding areas.

If a previously functioning or new community is poorly managed, or inadequate preparations were made for current and future town planning, communities could face severe challenges such as:

  • Extreme traffic congestion
  • Inadequate infrastructure leading to over-crowding, ineffective service delivery, insufficient utilities, public services and more.
  • Food shortages, unaffordable housing, and unemployment.
  • Insufficient access to medical care and understaffed law enforcement, which could lead to disease outbreaks, increased crime rates and breakdowns of the judicial system.
  • Zoning overflow and with an influx of residents, the proliferation of homelessness, unhygienic living conditions and informal settlements.
  • Vulnerability to climate change, fire hazards and flooding.
  • Progressive Planning Solutions from Award-Winning Urban Developers

    Every suitably qualified planner knows these phenomena are a recipe for urban decay. Unfortunately, these circumstances are becoming more prolific in many urbanised areas across South Africa.

    At The Practice Group, we offer progressive solutions to land development. With the aid of innovative programs, creative devices, advanced software technology and our award-winning team, we work closely with municipalities, local, regional and national government, architects, consulting engineers, developers and private companies but, most importantly, members of local communities to halt urban decay, adjust town planning solutions and initiate urban renewal programs.

    We protect the interests of the public concerning town planning and promote social and environmental spatial development to realise the equitable distribution of land and resources through our specialised knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical conduct. Consult The Practice Group for expert advice and successful urban planning and development outcomes.